• Table Games

    Non-Stop Table Game Action.

    From Live-action Roulette to Cajun Stud, you’re sure to find your luck at any of our 25 exciting tables:

    • World Poker Tour - Heads Up Hold'Em
    • Craps featuring Sharp Shooter
    • Live-action Roulette
    • Cajun Stud
    • Match ‘Em Hi-Lo
    • Commission-Free Baccarat
    • Blackjack with 21+3 Side Bet

    Introducing Match'em Hi Lo

    • Objective: Players try to predict if the point total of their three-card hand will either be higher or lower than the point total of the dealer's three-card hand.
    • Want to try it out before playing? Play it online by clicking here.

    Poker Jackpots

    The poker room will offer two types of poker jackpots: the straight flush jackpots and the bad beat jackpot. Two dollars will be collected from each hold’em pot that is over $20. One dollar will go toward the straight flush jackpots and one dollar will go to the bad beat jackpot. Only hold’em games will be eligible for the poker jackpots and will have money taken out of the hand for the poker jackpots. Non-hold’em and combination games will be excluded from the poker jackpots. Tournament tables will be excluded from the poker jackpots. The following are the rules for each jackpot.

    Bad Beat Jackpot

    Our Bad Beat Jackpot is over $29,000.00 as of March 25, 2017.*

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    *Totals change on a daily basis.

    Poker Room

    Check out our poker room, located on the second floor next to Club Capri®.
    Hours of Operation:
    Open Friday & Saturday 4:00pm - Close