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    What Your Wedding Cake Says About You

    A bride makes countless decisions about her wedding day. From the gown to the venue to the cake, each choice says something about who she is. With so many choices in a wedding cake, you may wonder what your favorite is telling others about you. Here is a look at a few of your choices for wedding cakes in Waterloo.

    The Tiered Cake

    If you’ve been to many weddings, you’ll recognize this cake design easily. It comes loaded with frosting and is tiered with two, three or even more layers. The type of person who chooses this cake is traditional or they feel the need to have a traditional wedding because of expectations. They are likely to play it safe and make the entire wedding one steeped in tradition.

    The Naked Wedding Cake

    On the opposite end of the spectrum is the naked wedding cake. This option is popular with couples because it doesn’t come with a lot of frills. Instead of heavy frosting, you’re more likely to see layers with fruit around the edges. It’s still elegant in its own way, but much more minimal. The cake fits someone who is a minimalist in their everyday life.

    The Topsy-Turvy Cake

    This cake is anything but ordinary or ordered. Layers stand at an angle on each other as if they defy gravity and tradition. A person who chooses this cake has a fun outlook on life that may not fit in with the ordinary. You like to be a bit unpredictable to ensure life never gets boring.

    Non-cake Desserts

    For some couples, they opt out of having a cake at all and replace it with another favorite dessert. For instance, they choose an apple pie that is at once rustic and yet unconventional. Or they may serve cookies to their guests for a simple elegance that is personal and thoughtful.

    As the bride planning your wedding, every detail serves to make your special day complete. You don’t have to choose a traditional option just because it’s expected. Be willing to go your own way. For instance, you may choose the Isle Casino Hotel® Waterloo for your venue to celebrate the special day. With a spacious ballroom and on-site location for the ceremony, you can easily make your wedding day unique. With Simply Yummy available to make your cake or whatever dessert you would like to serve, your wedding will be unforgettable. Thanks to the help of a wedding coordinator, you can be sure that all of your plans will fall into place, even if they aren’t what everyone would expect.
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