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    What Your Favorite Casino Game Says About You

    Where do you gravitate on the casino floor? Is it the slot machines that get your heart pumping or do you love the live action of playing with others at the poker table?

    Your favorite casino game can actually tell a great deal about your personality, and we’re here to break it down. You may just be surprised about what your favorite game reveals about you!



    Your analytical skills and sharp wits make you a star on the poker table. You are outgoing, assertive and use your strong reasoning skills to climb your way to the top, no matter what you’re doing in life. Friends may describe you as steady and calm, even in high-stress situations. This skill, in particular, helps you shine while playing your favorite casino game.

    If you’re a poker enthusiast, you won’t want to miss the poker room at Isle Casino Hotel® Waterloo. Located on the second floor next to Club Capri®, we think this may just be your new favorite place in the casino!

    Black Jack

    -Math Whiz

    You tend to live life on the edge and taking risks is something you do without a second thought. You are a math whiz and enjoy crunching numbers and strategizing. Although hard work is a quality you hold in high regards, some may call you lucky. They may just be a little envious of your winning streaks!

    Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo has plenty of black jack with 21 +3 side bet action taking place at all hours of the day (and night!) for you to enjoy.

    Slot Machines

    -Lone Wolf

    Your laidback personality and relaxed nature mean you tend to shy away from high-pressure situations. You love a little excitement, but aren’t interested in the drama that comes along with big groups. That’s why you prefer playing on your own. You trust your gut and don’t like to overthink things.

    With nearly 1,000 exciting slot machines at Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo, you’ll have no shortage of options to choose from. Head toward your lucky game or try something entirely new. Either way, you’re bound to have an exciting time!


    -Center of Attention
    -Risk Taker

    You like being the center of attention and enjoy making others happy. You like taking risks, which can pay out with big rewards. You tend to be outgoing and are generally a generous tipper! Craps is appealing to you because of the ups and downs and the constant excitement of the game.

    Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo is a perfect place to get your fix of an exciting game of Craps, featuring Sharp Shooter!



    You enjoy being on your own and trust your instincts over anything else. You are quick to make decisions and weigh out the calculated risks of each move. You are a bit on the superstitious side, and you likely have certain numbers or routines that you consider to be lucky.

    The live-action Roulette table at Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo is sure to get your heart racing! Come on in and give it a shot!

    Come and join in the fun at Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo where you can play your all-time favorite or you can try something entirely new! Whether you’re a quick-witted black jack fanatic or prefer flying solo on slot machines, chances are Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo has just the games you’re looking for! This players’ paradise boasts 25 action-packed tables and nearly 1,000 slot machines, giving you plenty of exciting options to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Plan your next visit to Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo today!

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