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    What to Do With $100,000

    Winning a huge jackpot is probably one of the best things that could ever happen to you. You could take a nice vacation, buy a house or go on a wild shopping spree! We bet you’re smiling right now just thinking about it. At Isle Casino Hotel® Waterloo, we love to see smiles on our customers’ faces. We even have a really cool promotion that can help make that happen. But first, we'd like you to imagine what you would do with $100,000. Read on to get some really great ideas. It’ll come in handy later, we promise!

    Travel the World

    Oftentimes we place our value in things, rather than experiences. But memories are something that last forever. Traveling the world is a wonderful way to spend $100,000. Whether going solo or with a group of friends, traveling can be a great way to get to know yourself and the people you’re with. There are so many beautiful locations around the world filled with culture, great outdoor activities and nightlife. Think about some places you’ve always wanted to visit. Or if you’re really feeling adventurous, pick a destination you know nothing about. If planning a multi-country getaway seems daunting, contact a travel agent or go on a cruise. After all, you’ve earned it.

    Donate to Charity or Start Your Own

    Anyone can start their own charity and it doesn’t have to cost billions of dollars to do it. You can create your own charity for as little as $5,000. If you don’t want the responsibility of running a charity, you could donate to the worthy cause of your choice. You’ll feel great knowing that you’re able to help other people. There are other benefits to giving to charity as well. You can write off your tax donations at the end of the year. So start thinking about some causes you’re passionate about.

    Build Your Financial Empire

    Of course we want you to splurge and get fun things. But if you’ve got the funds, go ahead and start investing. But don’t go into this blindly. Hire a financial professional who can show you ways you can invest your money, so you’ll have something to leave for the next generation. Do your own research and handpick a tax professional, a lawyer, and an investment and account advisor. You should carefully vet each of them. You can check broker records at the Financial Industry Regulation Authority. Additionally, you can find advisors on Martindale.com, or through the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel. Whatever you do, don’t try to manage all of the cash alone. There are trusted professionals out there who can help you.

    Pay Off Your Debts

    Of course, you’ll want to go on shopping sprees and vacations, but you’ll have better peace of mind if you pay off all of your debts beforehand. While a financial advisor may suggest you make some investments, you don’t really know for sure if the investments will pay off. However, paying off all your debt is definitely an investment you can count on and will certainly benefit you long-term. So whether it’s a credit card bill, your mortgage or a college loan, pay off the debt, so you can enjoy your money freely. The quicker you pay off those debts, the faster you can splurge on other fun items.

    Our $100,000 Promotion

    We’re in the business of providing smiles. So we’ve come up with a promotion of our own that's sure to provide someone with some happiness.

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