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    Warm Up with The Beach Boys Tribute Band!

    The Beach Boys were formed in 1961 by brothers Brian, Carl and Dennis Wilson, along with their cousin Mike Love and a friend, Alan Jardine. All five boys were talented, but Brian demonstrated an aptitude for creating complex instrumental arrangements and unique harmonies that would later define The Beach Boys’ sound.

    Murry Wilson, the Wilson boys’ father, took the group to his music publisher, Hite Morgan, who had the band record a few tunes, including their first hit, “Surfin’.” The song reached No. 75 on the charts and the band shot to stardom overnight. The Beach Boys were signed to Capitol® Records, and the development of a happy and upbeat boy band was molded over the next few years.

    The band charted 22 hit singles from 1962-1966. Their songs and lyrics shone a light on California culture, which left fans yearning for hot rods, beaches, beautiful women, and a carefree lifestyle. The boys worked at a frantic pace, releasing multiple albums each year. The pressure proved to be too much for Brian Wilson and he stopped touring with the band after 1964.

    In 1966, The Beach Boys released their album, “Pet Sounds.” Although it wasn't as commercially successful as the band had hoped, over time it became an iconic record that defined an era. Unfortunately, Capitol Records panicked at the poor album sales and quickly released “The Best of The Beach Boys,” making “Pet Sounds” a distant memory.

    Despite his deteriorating mental health, Brian Wilson pushed forward and wrote “Good Vibrations” which is revered today as The Beach Boys’ greatest achievement. The single created the phrase “good vibes” and magically defined 1960s psychedelic pop music. It earned the band three Grammy® nominations.

    On a high from the success of “Good Vibrations,” Brian Wilson ambitiously embarked on a new album, “Smile.” However, rising tension within the band and Wilson’s increasingly erratic behavior halted production and the record was never released. Instead, material from this project appeared on three albums released at later dates.

    In the 1970s and for the next 18 years, The Beach Boys released their records on their own Brother Label, an imprint of Warner/Reprise. Although they enjoyed some success, the band was unable to capture the magic of their earlier music. However, in 1988, The Beach Boys were once again on top with their single, “Kokomo.”

    The Beach Boys changed dramatically after their spurt of success. As time passed, members left the band or passed away. Brian Wilson’s mental illness continued to plague him until the late 1990s, extinguishing his ability to write, produce or record music. Fortunately, he returned to health around the millennium and embarked on a successful solo career.

    The Beach Boys are responsible for perfect harmonies that defined and changed pop music. Despite a long history of personal difficulties and soap opera antics, the band is celebrated for their vital contributions to music. Although their legacy is well documented, few people know these interesting facts:

    • Brian Wilson is deaf in one ear.
    • The band name was changed multiple times before they settled on The Beach Boys.
    • Mike Love and Dennis Wilson had a mutual restraining order to keep them apart.
    • Brian Wilson believed a painted portrait of himself “captured” his soul forever.
    • Dennis Wilson married Mike Love’s illegitimate daughter.

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