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    The RV Life…What To Do When You Win One!

    America is a great place to live if you are looking for a life of leisure. Most folks have to work hard for the entirety of their lives in order to save enough to be able to afford that life of leisure. For others, it requires little more than some luck and a trip to Isle Casino Hotel® Waterloo.

    Want to Win a Winnebago™?
    During the month of November, Isle Casino Waterloo is proud to offer it's "Win a Winnebago™ promotion. Players can come and enjoy the exciting gaming atmosphere while they accumulate entries for the Grand Prize Drawing on November 30 at 7:00pm. All patrons are given one free entry per day throughout the entire month. Other entries will be awarded based upon play. The most exciting thing about this promotion is the chance to win five times the number of entries based on play each Sunday during the month. That's right, five times the normal entries will be awarded on November 2, 9, 16, 23 & on the 30th, just prior to the drawing.

    So What Can You Do With a Winnebago™?
    For many folks, the chance to own a Winnebago™ traveling coach would be a dream come true. Think of the possibilities when you start to plan your next vacation.

    Ideas for Winnebago™ Adventures!
    Just in case you have a hard time using your imagination, here are some great ideas on how to use your Winnebago™ when Isle Casino pulls your name on November 30th.

    • If you are of retirement age, a free Winnebago™ might give you the chance to enjoy retirement in style. How many times during your working years did you say that someday you wanted to travel this beautiful country in style? Well, the Isle Casino Waterloo is here to tell you that dreams can come true. Retirees have the most valuable commodity needed in order to enjoy the ultimate "road trip" in a classy Winnebago™ motor coach. That commodity is time!

    • A Winnebago™ not only provides the comforts of home while traveling, but it also saves money on hotels/motels and food. There is no need to worry about reservations or getting stuck with nowhere to lay your sleepy head. You can travel from one destination to another (see suggestions) on your own time.

    • For college and pro football fans, a Winnebago™ provides the perfect place to host an awesome tailgate party. You and your friends can enjoy showing up on Saturday or Sunday morning at the stadium hours before the game. You will be the envy of all tailgaters as you pull up in your brand new Winnebago™. They will know that you are a serious fan and that you know how to throw a proper tailgate party. Once you arrive and get parked in the perfect location, all you have to do is hook up the gas barbecue, throw on some burgers and dogs, pop open a few cools ones, and sit back with your friends and enjoy the festivities in style. And when it's time for a quick nap, to hide from the elements or to take a restroom break, just step inside and enjoy the comforts of home.

    • So many people love the idea of camping, but just can't get past the prospects of "roughing it". The good news is that a brand new Winnebago™ gives you the best of both worlds. You can travel to some of the most extraordinary camping destinations in the world without having to worry about the "lions and tigers and bears, oh my!" During the day, you can lock up the Winnebago™ and head out to do some sightseeing, fishing or hiking without having to worry about the disposition of your camp site and gear. When you get back, you can fix dinner just like you were at home in your own kitchen. The sleeping arrangements will keep you free and safe from critters and insects, assuring you will get a good night's sleep every-time. At the end of the day, tell your friends that you were "roughing it" like a king.

    • Once you own a Winnebago™, you can be assured you will always have somewhere to live. After-all, a Winnebago™ is like a condo on wheels. In fact, some people love the idea of saving money and living in their Winnebago™. There are plenty of RV lots available that offer reasonable space rentals and utility hook ups. And when you decide you want to relocate, you just take your house with you wherever you go.

    • It's usually not the first thought that comes to mind, but a Winnebago™ makes the best onsite hotel room when you are invaded by unexpected guests. It's not always fun to share your living space with the in-laws. With a nice Winnebago™ sitting right outside, the relatives might actually enjoy the privacy without feeling like they have been pushed into a hotel. It's a great way to keep peace in the family.

    At Isle Casino Waterloo, we like to think of ourselves as dream makers. With just a few hours at the slot machines or a few hands of blackjack, you can move yourself one step closer to living the dream of owning your very own Winnebago™. Where else on the planet can you receive such a wonderful gift for doing nothing more that visiting our casino and having fun? If you plan on visiting Isle Casino Waterloo in the future, maybe November is the perfect time to make that trip. If you stay a Sunday or two, you might earn enough entries to become the proud owner of a brand new Winnebago™.

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