• Spaz Out with the Spazmatics!

    Get ready to laugh. Get ready to dance. Get ready for the nerds who rock out. Get ready to spaz out!
    Visit Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo at 8:00 p.m. on August 28 when the Spazmatics travel back in time, taking you with them on a journey to the 1980s. Groove to the beat of new wave, pop, rock and a host of other forms of music during this free concert.

    High energy highlights every Spazmatics show and this one promises to do the same. The band brings fun and frivolity while covering everything from Devo to Billy Idol to Bon Jovi and Depeche Mode.

    The Spazmatics embody some of the best and much of the more forgettable things about the 1980s. Funky dance steps, skinny ties, slick hair and horn-rimmed glasses. They might look like nerds, but the music has style, and fans can't stay seated for very long.

    The Spazmatics feature Louis Stigwood on lead vocals, Shureman Larusso on guitar, Eugene Meegene on drums and Milton Bradley on bass. Their eclectic interests only add to the fun and weirdness they're known for. From "Come On Eileen" to “Summer of 69”, the Spazmatics incorporate all elements of their favorite genres into their music.

    Fans of the group advise to get to the casino well before the show is scheduled to start. Spazmatic fans will line up early to see a fun and entertaining show that's been described as cheesy. Despite the nerdy look and the band's creative flair, the Spazmatics have received numerous accolades for their music and craftsmanship. The Spazmatics have been spreading their charm and dance sound throughout North America.

    Concertgoers will be singing, laughing and dancing throughout the night. Those memories of the 1980s will come alive at a show that the Spazmatics promise will never get old. Even if the '80s weren't your bag, come out in parachute pants and big hair and finally admit that you dug the music of that era. The Spazmatics have been honing their music since they were born out of a bet during the spring of 1983.

    They've entertained hundreds of thousands of music fans throughout the years with the sound that will leave you moving and grooving. The place to be on August 28 is Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo. So bring your dancing shoes and get ready to have a night of fun at this free outdoor concert. Once you get a taste of the Spazmatics you'll want more.