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    Pig Out for National Pork Month

    It’s no surprise that crispy, salty bacon makes everything better! Americans eat 1.7 billion pounds of bacon every year. At Isle Casino Hotel® Waterloo, we're celebrating National Pork Month (and bacon) with The Big Pigout in Waterloo. Come down and get your share, and in the meantime here are five fun facts you didn’t know about bacon…

    1. Different place, different cut.
    Bacon is cured, smoked pork, but the cut used for the crispy, salty treat depends on the part of the world you're visiting. The United Kingdom uses shoulder cuts, Canada uses a loin cut, and America loves its belly bacon.

    2. Pregnant women, rejoice! Bacon is good for baby.
    Pregnant women are advised to consume plenty of choline, a nutrient that boosts fetal brain development. Some studies even link the nutrient to decreased heart problems. Choline-rich foods include eggs, milk, and bacon. Sounds like a tasty breakfast to us!

    3. Bacon might cure hangovers.
    Researchers are still working on the claim, but studies so far indicate bacon has amino acids that can replace the neurotransmitters you deplete after a long night of drinking. That's all the more reason to stop for a pork centric meal before heading home after an exceptionally fun night…might we suggest the Big Pigout at Waterloo?

    4. Bacon is really, really old.
    Evidence suggests the Chinese began making bacon as early as 1500 B.C. The Greeks and Romans picked up the tradition as well. It made sense before refrigeration to cure meat for preservation purposes. The fact that it's tasty is an added bonus.

    5. America consumes the most bacon per person.
    America consumes about 17.9 pounds of bacon a year per person. In second place for bacon consumption is Great Britain with 17.86 pounds. Denmark actually wins first place in overall pork consumption with about 154 pounds per person per year, but only 4.4 pounds of that is bacon.

    During our Big Pigout in Waterloo, take a break from playing games to feast on pork and bacon at any of our delicious eateries. Enjoy daily pork specials October 1st – 31st, 2016. Some items to look forward to include:

    Otis & Henry’s® Steakhouse

    Bacon Wrapped BBQ Shrimp | $8.99*

    Four jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon and basted with apricot BBQ Sauce.

    Tenderloin of Pork | $19.99*

    Served with a pecan – sweet potato mash, grilled broccolini and a charred corn and black bean salsa.

    Crème Brule | $6.99*

    Spiced chocolate Crème Brule and candied bacon.

    The Lone Wolf®

    BBQ Pork Pizza | 7” $8.99* 14” $14.99*

    Mozzarella cheese, shredded smoked pork, cookies BBQ sauce topped with a pineapple & cabbage slaw.

    Big Bacon & Chicken Sandwich | $7.99* Single

    5 oz. grilled spiced chicken breast topped with provolone cheese, pecan encrusted sweet bacon, Cookies® BBQ Sauce and two fried onion rings. Served with choice of sweet potato fries, regular fries or kettle chips.

    Cuban Burger | $8.99* single $10.99* double

    The Lone Wolf® patty blend, topped with smoked pulled pork, Swiss cheese, shaved ham, dill pickles, mustard and mayonnaise served on a sweet Cuban baguette. Served with a choice of sweet potato fries, kettle chips or salad.

    Farmers Pick Buffet®

    Featured Items:

    Smoked Dried Rubbed STL. Style Ribs

    Chinese Spare Ribs

    Grilled Pork Chops with Pineapple Salsa

    Bacon Loaded Mac & Cheese

    Smoked Pork Shoulder

    Apple Bourbon Pork Loin

    Caribbean Pork Roast

    Bacon Gravy for Fried Chicken

    Smoked Ham

    Smoked Rope

    Can you smell the bacon?

    *Tax and gratuity not included.
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