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    May The Luck of the Irish Be on Your Side!

    St. Patrick's Day is here and you're bound to find luck at Isle Casino® Hotel Waterloo! If you're feeling a little unlucky this March 17, we have just the hints to keep you in the green. Let our list of lucky number seven tips bring you good fortune on this special day.

    Don your lucky charms and prepare for a true Irish celebration this holiday with our fun facts about popular lucky charms. Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo also presents a St. Patrick's Day Surprise Inside promotion all day long for your lucky chance to win big at our casino.

    Seven Lucky Charms for St. Patrick's Day

    1. Horseshoes
    Horseshoes are a fun party game and some people may choose to hang them on the walls of their home for good luck. This unique charm originates with the myth that blacksmiths were ultra-lucky because they worked with fire and iron. Always remember to hang your horseshoe right-side up in its "U" shape and use seven nails for extra luck.

    2. Four-Leaf Clover
    Our good luck blog goes live on St. Patrick's Day and the four-leaf clover is the ultimate symbol of prosperity and success. Finding a clover with four leaves is very rare, and this idea can be traced back to biblical stories and the Druids using "magic" clovers to ward off evil.

    3. Rabbit's Foot
    The trendy rabbit's foot can be found in a rainbow of colors and are generally worn as a keychain. This charm is considered lucky in classic African folklore that portrays the rabbit as a courageous and clever animal.

    4. Pennies
    Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck! Finding a penny lying face up on the ground is said to be an act of fortune. This legend originates from historic beliefs that metal is a gift from the gods. Some say that putting a penny in your shoe on your wedding day will guarantee prosperity in your marriage.

    5. Lucky Number Seven
    The number seven can grant you a big payoff on our slot machines and can be found everywhere in biblical references and astrology. On the flip side, seven is said to be the number of years you'll have bad luck if you break a mirror!

    6. Goldfish and Koi Fish
    Goldfish are universally said to bring positivity to a household because of their adaptability and bubbly nature. Koi fish are considered lucky in Japan due to their long lives and their ability to withstand the elements.

    7. Evil Eye Charms
    According to Middle Eastern legends, wearing an image of the evil eye is said to ward off negativity and bad spirits. The eye is believed to reflect against the bearer of bad luck to positively reverse your fortune.

    Join Us For a St. Patrick's Day Surprise at Isle Casino Waterloo!
    Even if you're not at all superstitious, you can still have fun on St. Patrick's Day and don your lucky charms for good luck. We at Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo are lucky to offer a St. Patrick's Day Surprise Inside promotion on March 17 starting at 11 a.m.

    The first 800 guests who visit the Fan Club® after the promotion begins will receive an exclusive Diane Katzman key chain! Some lucky recipients may find up to $100 in FanPlay® inside of their gift.

    We wish you the best of success during your St. Patrick's Day celebration. May luck be on your side today and all year long!


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