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    How to Choose a Wedding Hashtag

    If you plan on posting photos of your nuptials online or using social media to share about the event at all, choosing an appropriate wedding hashtag is one of the first decisions to make once you’re engaged. While you’re free to choose anything, you want to select one that will be easy to use and fun to remember. Here are some tips to help you come up with the perfect hashtag for your big day.

    Start with Names and Numbers

    One of the basic rules for hashtags is to make them easy to remember by using only names and numbers. Avoid symbols or other characters that will be hard to recall. Work with your names first because it is easy to remember, which means guests will be more likely to use it.

    To make your hashtag unique, you can add in a special number. It may be the date of the wedding or the date you got engaged or met. Though John and Jenny are common names, the date they met will make the hashtag unique. #JohnandJenny0402 is something you won’t see too often.

    Make It Readable

    You want your hashtag to be easy to read so that guests won’t forget it when posting their own photos. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by capitalizing each word. Your guests will know when a new word begins instead of trying to read it all as one word.

    You also want to watch for misspelled words. If you have a long name, you may want to shorten it to the first few letters or use a nickname if the full name is difficult to spell. Watch for words that have the same ending as the first letter in the next word. For instance, instead of #samanddiane, you could make it #dianeandsam for easier readability.

    Check Your Hashtag

    Before you decide on your hashtag, check online to make sure it’s available. While it may be used in some form for a few photos, you don’t want it tied to another wedding. If you discover this is the case, you will want to change it up to ensure it’s unique.

    Once you have a hashtag that is original, it’s time to let your friends know. Tell your wedding party and put it on your website and social media pages. You should even have reminders at the wedding for your guests. Make a cute sign or add it to the menu. Putting it in unusual places ensures it gets noticed.

    Be Willing to Laugh

    If you end up with photos from another event in your folder, just go with it. Be willing to turn an unfortunate hashtag into a joke and have fun. Don’t worry if it didn’t turn out perfectly after all. As long as the wedding was a memorable event and everyone had a good time, your day is a success.

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