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    Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

    On this special Sunday, don’t just wrap up a World’s Greatest Dad mug or a golf-themed tie. Thoughtful gifts may be a tad more work, but the extra effort is always well rewarded. Taking the time to think about what he really loves. Be honest when considering exactly how he likes to spend his free time, and you won’t go wrong in selecting a present. It’ll show him how much you care as well! Try a few splashes of these creative suggestions.

    1. The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    Whether your dad loves television, eating, fixing old cars or reading, we have some products and services he’ll enjoy, with a twist. For example, instead of buying his favorite reruns at the store, you can consider signing him up for a subscription service, which will send him whatever DVDs he likes. He can then return them for different discs of movies or TV shows at his leisure. Common subscriptions services have huge selections, so this is a gift he can enjoy all year.

    Similarly, there are subscription services for various foods and drinks. You can sign your dad up for cheese, whiskey or meat deliveries, depending on what his tastes are. If he loves to read, get him more books to add to his collection, or a new bookshelf to organize his collection. You can even introduce him to new authors and stories by getting him a few selections that are slightly outside his comfort zone. Either way, it will be a great surprise, and you might just get the credit for finding him a new favorite!

    2. Smart Buys

    If you’ve noticed that it takes dad longer than mom to get ready for a night out, then consider picking up some shaving or clothing accessories. A new cologne or conditioner can make his routine much more satisfying, and he’ll always know who he has to thank. Should he be more of a do-it-yourselfer, then you can pick up new tools to help quicken his projects. Remember, try to help him reach outside his comfort zone!

    3. Make It or Bake It

    There are things you can buy of course, but there are also things you can make. This is about creating something to touch his heart. Pick out your favorite pictures of him from childhood and make a photo album that’s just of you and your dad. You could also cook him his favorite breakfast on Father’s Day morning. Should baking be more your style, cakes, brownies or cookies are a great dessert (or maybe all three!). These gestures won’t take long but will leave a lasting impression.

    4. An Evening to Remember

    Here at Isle Casino Hotel® Waterloo, we invite you and your father to come explore our many games. To sweeten the deal, we’ll also be holding a Father’s Day Lawn Mower Giveaway! We will be giving away two John Deere® Riding Mowers at 8 p.m., so bring dad here as an evening treat. The more you and your dad play, the more entries you earn. Who knows, it could be his favorite gift to date! For more information and reminders about this promotion and others going on, follow us on Facebook®!

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