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    Fun Facts to Celebrate National Lucky Penny Day

    We've all been taught the old rhyme that states any day we find a penny is a lucky one; however, most of us don't realize that May 23rd is actually specifically set aside for all of us to celebrate National Lucky Penny Day. Consider yourself officially informed. Now that you're in the know, here are some National Lucky Penny Day facts to help you properly commemorate everything this copper-colored coin currency has to offer.

    National Lucky Penny Day Facts

    There are some surprising penny particulars you may not know. For example, many don't realize that the penny is not just an American thing; several English-speaking countries actually recognize this 1/100th currency denomination. This fractional coin also has a lengthy history that most aren't aware of. The British version of the penny as currency actually dates back well over a millennium. This penny ancestor had a much different look than we recognize today, as it was minted using silver rather than copper back then.

    How we talk about the penny changes based on region as well. Here in the US and Canada, we use the term "penny" to describe the coin, but refer to quantity of the penny as "cent." Other world regions use the plural "pence" when discussing cost/amount of money and the term "pennies" when indicating actual number of coins.

    Other fun facts include:

    The first pennies in the United States were minted in 1793 and made of copper

    Back in old-timey times, this coin actually had buying power, especially in the candy store. All those "penny candies" we see now selling for a quarter once were really only a penny apiece

    As inflation continues to devalue its worth, some countries are campaigning to end the use of pennies altogether

    Celebrate National Lucky Penny Day

    While some countries want to discontinue this coin, for now pennies are still legitimate currency worth celebrating. Here are some fun ways to celebrate National Lucky Penny Day this May 23rd:

    Look for Them
    Search for pennies everywhere you roam on this day – if you see one heads-side-up, pick it up; according to legend, these are the ones that are the luckiest finds.

    Collect Them
    We all have these coins lying everywhere in our homes. Go through your junk draws, check under your couch cushions and dig through the bottom of your purse to find all that are in your possession. Bring them to your bank for larger bills and then find a fun way to spend your lucky pennies.

    Create Art
    There are countless DIY crafts that use pennies to create beautiful works of art. Click here to find some inventive ways to express yourself using these coins.

    Bake Cookies
    These Lucky Penny cookies resemble the real deal, but taste a whole lot better. Check out the recipe here.

    Pick a Wishing Well
    If you're looking for a little extra push towards a special dream you have, toss a penny over your left shoulder into a wishing well. According to legend, it will make your dream come true.

    Find Your Birth Year
    Carry a penny minted in your birth year for an extra boost of good fortune.

    Keep it Underfoot
    Placing a penny in your shoe can also bring good things your way.

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