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    Fun Facts About Food at Isle Casino Waterloo

    It’s no secret that we love food here at Isle Casino Hotel® Waterloo! We team up with local farms, ranches, and dairies to source local products for our on-site restaurants – and the quality shows. How much do we utilize their offerings? Here are some of the numbers:
    • We used 140 gallons of honey in the last year, which is about 1,680 pounds! It took 77,840 bees to produce that amount of honey from about 280 million flowers. That’s pretty sweet!
    • We bought 30,900 pounds of beef from local, sixth generation, family-run Hibbs Farms. It would take the average person 434 years to consume the amount we serve in just one year.
    • In the past year, we have used 4,018 gallons of milk just from Hansen’s Dairy. Seem like a lot? It actually only took the dairy five days to produce that much milk with their 150 cows! Celebrating their 10th anniversary, this family-owned operation provides the highest quality milk from their dairy herd.
    • We served 1,554 chickens on our buffet in the last year. If you had all these chickens in one place, they’d be about half the size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex!
    • Country View Dairy provides our delicious frozen yogurt—and it’s popular! We used 4,800 gallons, or nearly 16,000 pounds of FroYo in the past year. Even though the dairy uses a low-fat blend of milk and yogurt, it still comes out to a whopping 120 pounds of fat consumed throughout the year!

    Where can you find all this delicious food? With three restaurants to choose from, you have great options at Isle Casino Hotel® Waterloo.

    Otis & Henry’s® Steakhouse offers a variety of choices—and not just steak! Try our signature grilled Caprese salad or our savory Maryland-style lump crab cake, all while enjoying a glass of wine or handcrafted cocktail.

    The Lone Wolf® has extended hours to keep you going when you need a quick, yet delicious meal. Early morning, or late at night, you can find what you’re looking for—or join us for Howl Hour for great deals on drinks and appetizers.

    At Farmer's Pick® Buffet, there’s something for everyone! The buffet has over 80 delicious items to choose from – and the ingredients come from local farmers. For a fresh, flavorful dining experience, visit us at Farmer's Pick Buffet®!

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