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    Draw the Line - Aerosmith Tribute Show

    While it's no surprise Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo offers non-stop gaming action, relaxing accommodations and multiple dining options, the casino hotel now features the entertainment to match - entertainment that has received rave reviews from Tony Orlando, Adam Sandler and even Aerosmith band members Steven Tyler and Joey Kramer.
    With the personal endorsements of both Tyler and Kramer, the Aerosmith tribute show, Draw the Line, is sure to please the band’s earliest fans and their new ones as well. Don’t believe us? Believe Steven Tyler; no other Aerosmith tribute show has received Steven Tyler’s personal endorsement.

    The History of Aerosmith

    Since 1970, Aerosmith has been doing what other bands never dreamed of. Capable of performing power ballads and hard rock hits, lead singer Steven Tyler steered the band from one successful album to the next.
    Although they formed the rock band in New Hampshire, Steven Tyler and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry moved the group to Boston. For two years they paid their dues playing in clubs in Massachusetts and New York, before they signed their first record contract with Columbia Records in 1972. Their first single "Dream On" reached number 59 on the charts.
    Aerosmith began to see commercial and artistic success with the release of their third album “Toys in the Attic” in 1975. After years of performing live, their sound had matured into hard rock that borrowed heavily from blues and featured lyricist Tyler’s signature jokes and double-entendres.
    The album’s single “Sweet Emotion” made it onto the Top 40, encouraging the band’s representatives to re-release “Dream On.” In its re-release in 1976, the song made it into the Top Ten.
    Drugs and alcohol took their toll on the band during the ‘80s, and both Tyler and Perry required trips to rehab centers in order to conquer their addictions. After re-entering the music scene in 1989, the group accompanied Run-D.M.C. on their rendition of the Aerosmith hit “Walk This Way,” setting them up for their come-back album “Permanent Vacation” in 1987.
    The band continued to record albums and tour during the 1990s, but several controversies threatened their success. At the end of the last decade, both Joe Perry and Steven Tyler embarked upon solo projects. Even so, the original members of Aerosmith came together to tour and to record another studio album in 2011 and 2012.

    Draw the Line

    These days, Aerosmith tickets are hard to come by. And while you can travel cross-country to see the band, you can also get the next best thing right here at Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo.
    Named after the successful Aerosmith hit, "Draw the Line" proved to be the perfect name for the Aerosmith Tribute Show. The band performs Aerosmith hits from the '70s through the '90s and reminds show attendees of when they first saw Aerosmith perform.
    Members of "Draw the Line" include drummer Phil Cefalo, guitarist Patrick Benti, guitarist Jim Dennis, bass player Steven Lyon and vocalist Neill Byrnes.
    Byrnes has proven to be an excellent representative of Steven Tyler. Not only does he look like Tyler, he has extensive musical training, making him the perfect fit. After winning a Steven Tyler look-alike contest, Tyler was so impressed with Byrnes; he referred him to his vocal couch, who Byrnes has worked with for over ten years.
    Byrnes has been playing several instruments since the age of nine, including the trombone, drums and bass guitar. He attended and graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music. He later received a psychology degree from Northeastern University. Fortunately, Byrnes decided to pursue music and has been delighting fans with his authentic impression of Steven Tyler in “Draw the Line” ever since.
    Draw the Line will perform live at Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo on Thursday, June 26 at 8:00 pm. For more information on the free event, call 877-475-3946.
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