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    Consider Yourself Lucky - It’s The Year of the Monkey

    The United States recently celebrated the New Year on January 1. But there are places all around the world who are just now celebrating theirs. February 8 marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. It’s a grand celebration full of special meals, festivals, gift giving, and fireworks! Here at Isle Casino® Waterloo, we never pass up the opportunity to celebrate a big event. We’ve learned that this Chinese New Year is the Year of the Monkey, which is highly lucky! And we’ve got just the right game to help increase your luck. But first, read on to learn more about the Chinese Lunar New Year.

    Year of The Monkey
    China has their own zodiac, known as Sheng Xiao. There's a 12-year cycle, with an animal that represents each year. Much like Western astrology, the Chinese believe that you exhibit certain characteristics based on your year of birth. The signs are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. This year, we are in the Year of the Monkey. The Monkey is quite clever, and has a lively and quick-witted personality. Conversely, the Monkey is impulsive and quick tempered.

    Other Fun Facts
    The Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year is not only celebrated in China, but in many other countries throughout Asia. It’s a sacred holiday full of fun activities and family bonding. Here are some other cool facts about this time-honored tradition.

    • The Date Varies: In the United States, we celebrate New Year’s faithfully every January 1. However, the date for the Chinese New Year changes each year, falling between January 21 and February 20. The date of each year is determined by the lunar cycle.
    • Spring in the Winter: Although the Chinese New Year is celebrated during winter months, it’s called the Spring Festival. This is because when using the lunar cycle, spring begins between February 4 and February 18.
    • Red Envelope Exchange: Part of the custom for the Chinese New Year is to exchange red envelopes full of cash to family members, friends, bosses, and employees. No one gets left behind, regardless of social status. Now this is an idea we can get behind!
    • Firework Bonanza: China is home to the largest usage of fireworks in the world! China produces about 90 percent of the world’s fireworks during their New Year. The fireworks are used to scare off evil spirits.
    • Days of Celebration: The Chinese New Year doesn’t just stop and end on day one. There are days of non-stop fun, including, horse races, lion dances, and a variety of other cultural performances and entertainment.

    Our New Game
    If you’re feeling festive, than come try out Baccarat. It’s a serious and elegant game, popular amongst high rollers. Baccarat, also known as punto banco, was first introduced in France to the French high society in 1490 A.D. But don’t let this intimidate you. The game is actually quite easy to play, as all that’s required is betting on the flip of a coin. Players bet on either the “player” or the “dealer.” They can also bet on the Dragon Bonus and Fortune 7 side bets. Here are additional table details.

    Mini Baccarat
    • Table Limits: $10 to $1,000, or $25 to $2,000
    • Dragon Bonus and Fortune 7 side bets available
    • Commission-free
    Midi Baccarat
    • Table Limits: $25 to $2,000, $50 to $3,000, or $100 to $5,000
    • Dragon Bonus and Fortune 7 side bets available
    • Commission-free
    • Players have the ability to physically handle the cards
    • Players may bend or tear the cards on Midi Baccarat

    Keep the New Year’s celebration going. Stop by and game with us today.

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