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    Camaro Giveaway Kicks Off 2015

    Admit it. Sometimes you lay awake at night picturing yourself behind the wheel of a sports car. You can see yourself cruising the open road. Nowhere to be. Everywhere to go. The windows rolled down. Weather is perfect. You’re the envy of the road. You love your sports car, and it loves you back.

    Might it be possible…? Is there a chance you could win…the sports car of your dreams? Yes. Your sports car dreams could become a reality if you’re the lucky winner of a brand new Chevy Camaro® in the Camaro Giveaway at Isle Casino Hotel® Waterloo. The grand prize drawing is happening in the early hours of New Year’s Day, January 1, at 1:00 am. Just one hour into 2015, one lucky winner will start the New Year out in an unbelievably cool way.

    To make sure you’re the winner… we thought we’d let you in on the details of how to enter! It’s super easy!
    Earn entries throughout the entire month of December. You’ll get one free entry daily and even more based on play.
    Boost your chances of winning on December 31 and January 1 until 12:44am by earning 15X entries!!! How's that for a great way to end 2014 and start the New Year?

    This sure makes your wish list for Santa easier than ever. “Dear Santa, I want entries so I can win the Camaro®! Lots and lots and lots of entries! All for me please!” Remember, you can help Santa make good on your request by visiting Isle Casino® Waterloo and playing your favorite games. The more you play, the more chances you’ll have at driving away the big winner of the New Year’s Day Camaro®.

    As you’re counting down the days to the grand prize drawing, spend some time pondering a few interesting Camaro facts.
    1. Did you know that the Camaro® was first advertised in 1967 as a “road machine” that promoted power, but was in reality a “Junior Corvette®” that offered Dads who wanted a sports car the chance to have something cool with four seats? That’s according to Myclassicgarage.com.
    2. Another interesting fact, 1970 was the first year since the car’s debut that people didn’t have the option of a convertible. The year 1974 brought some good-looking changes, including a redesigned bumper and shovel-shaped grille. That same year, the taillights on the rear seemed to disappear into the fenders. A lot has changed since that era, but the Camaro® remains a highly sought-after vehicle for those who love to dream big and live big.

    See you soon here at Isle Waterloo where we’re roaring up to give this baby away!

    Camaro is a registered trademark of GM. The actual color and features of the car may differ from the image shown on Isle Casino Waterloo’s website.
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