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    Big Game and Big Fun!

    If there’s anything that can top that feeling of anticipation you get on a crisp, cool morning at the start of hunting season, it’s the thrill that comes with a successful close to the day, after you’ve brought home your latest trophy. Of course, as long-time hunters well know, that last part can be easier said than done, and it takes a combination of good luck, good aim and good gear if you want to be eating your own venison steaks for dinner. Here, at the Isle Casino® Waterloo, we’re ready to help with two of those three things.

    No, we can’t do anything about your shooting skills, but if you’re lucky enough to win one of our “4-Wheelin’ Fun” promotions this month, you’ll be able to head into this year’s hunting season with a brand-new ATV. Increasingly popular with outdoors-lovers of all stripes, ATVs have become especially common on the hunting trail, thanks to their rugged, go-anywhere capability. That makes them ideal for getting to a well-hidden deer stand or duck blind, and more and more experts are reporting that courteous, careful usage can make a big difference with prey and peers alike.

    For example, different animals will tolerate the sound of ATVs differently. Take the wild turkey population, which was reintroduced to Iowa back in 1966. Nearly 50 years later, those birds that already live close enough to people to hear the sounds of cars, chainsaws and other machines will be more acclimated to all-terrain vehicles, so limited use won’t necessarily spook them. On the other hand, driving in the deep woods isn’t likely to help you bag your limit of anything but boredom. In all cases, of course, it pays to follow posted laws and proper hunting etiquette.

    But as mentioned, this year, it all begins at the Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo, where the drawings for a new ATV are being held at 10 p.m. every Saturday in October. Hunters and gamers earn one free entry each day of the month, then can also increase their chances to win by increasing their game play. Just don’t forget to swipe your Fan Club® card one hour before each drawing, as that’s what activates your entries. That should be easy to do, though, since Fan Club membership is free for all guests and provides access to coupons, special offers and even same-day cash back. Four higher levels of Club membership can deliver free room upgrades, priority access at check in and at the buffet, special benefits on select Carnival Cruises, and plenty of game-play points multipliers.

    There are plenty of actual games here, too, along with some great entertainment and dining opportunities, so even if you come up empty during hunting season, you can still enjoy searching for the big bucks at the Isle Casino Hotel Waterloo.








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