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    5 Tips to Master Grilling

    Nothing signifies the start of summer like an outdoor barbecue with tasty cuts of meat and the smell of charcoal in the air. We’ve got a list of summer grilling tips you’ll definitely want to master this season! From grilling safety to tasty tricks that’ll turn any cut of meat into a winner, you won’t believe how easy these tips are. Now the only question is: What do you want to grill first?

    1. Start with a clean surface
    It may sound obvious, but cleaning the cooking surfaces is the first step to mastering your grill. If it’s your first time breaking out the grill this season, you’ll want to make sure that the grates are clean and free from any gunk leftover from last season. You can use a grill brush to really get in there, or a ball of aluminum foil works well to clean any tough spots. And for a creative, eco-friendly way to clean your grill, take half of an onion and run it down the length of your grill a few times. It’ll leave the grates clean and seasoned with a flavor that goes well with any type of meat.

    2. Get friendly with salt
    You can drastically improve cheap cuts of steak with a coating of salt. Cover the cut of meat liberally with salt about one hour before grilling, and it will act as a tenderizing agent and can turn your otherwise firm cut of meat into a steak that rivals with filet mignon. Before you toss the steak on the grill, be sure to wipe off the salt, rinse and pat dry, so you don’t get a super salty bite of meat. The salt actually denaturizes the protein strands and changes the composition of a tough cut of steak. Now that you know this tip, you can save money by getting cheaper cuts of meat, but your dinner guests will never know!

    3. Go easy on the lighter fluid
    If you’re using a charcoal grill, we’re warning you to take it easy on the lighter fluid. You may be tempted to really get the fire rolling by coating the charcoal with liquid, but this can actually make your food soak up the fumes of the lighter fluid. And we can tell you that this is not the flavor profile you’re after! Plus, an excess of lighter fluid just isn’t safe. If your fire is having a hard time catching, use small pieces of crumpled up newspaper to help it out instead of adding more lighter fluid. If you end up accidentally using too much fluid, let the coals burn for 30 minutes before adding food to the grill. This should prevent the fluid flavor from transferring to your burgers or whatever it is you’re grilling up!

    4. Don’t multi-task
    If you’re entertaining and have many things to put on the grill, it can be easy to take on too much. Chances are if you have too many things going on at once, something is going to slip from your radar and end up burnt. Avoid taking on too much by grilling in shifts so you can concentrate on each ingredient and avoid mistakes. Also, be sure your flavors are kept separately. Placing steak with a barbecue sauce next to pesto-marinated chicken means the clashing flavors will inevitably mix, which is not ideal.

    5. Patience is key
    When grilling, it can be temping to flip the meat multiple times to check on the color, but experts say this is not a good move. To become a true grill master, learn the art of patience and only flip your meat once. This skill takes practice, but by moving your meat less often, it’ll develop those nice char marks and a crispy outer edge while staying tender and juicy inside. Knowing when your meat is ready by touch is key. This will help you avoid stabbing it with a fork multiple times and releasing the precious juices. If you’re going for medium steak, the meat should feel similar to your palm when your thumb and ring finger are touching. Softer is more rare, and firmer is more done.

    If you love barbecue but aren’t patient enough to master your grill, we’ve got you covered! All through the month of May, we’ve got some tasty beef specials you just won’t want to miss!

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