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    5 Must Dos After Saying "Yes" But Before Saying "I Do"

    First comes love, then comes marriage…wait, actually first there's love, then popping the question, a ring, and a few must dos before walking down the aisle. Don't worry though, we've got the top five must-dos for the newly engaged.

    1. Spread the word.

    If you want to shout the news from the rooftops, go ahead! It's also super simple to set up a social media update to inform the masses, but try to go more personal. Call family members and close friends. Enlist help from other family members to reach extended family that you may not talk to often. Plan a gathering and announce the news all at once to your loved ones. Make the effort to video chat faraway friends, if only to see their expressions. Once all the friends and relatives know about the ring, go ahead and post on social media to let your acquaintances "like" your news.

    2. Celebrate.

    Relax and enjoy a couple of weeks of bliss sans wedding planning. Take a spontaneous weekend trip with your fiancé or just enjoy a quiet dinner alone. You'll likely be bombarded with wedding advice, appointments, and out-of-town guests for the next few months while you're planning, so just take it easy and bask in your love for now.

    It's not romantic, but necessary. If your honey didn't insure your ring, take care of that right away. Trust us, you'll be pretty upset if anything happens to it and you don't get reimbursed. If the ring doesn't fit, it's also a good idea to get it sized. You'll be glad you checked that box before the nitty-gritty of wedding planning sets in. Side note, while your ring is being sized stop in for a manicure since you'll be showing off the jeweled beauty in the coming weeks.

    4. Set a budget.

    Before you start dreaming up an elaborate celebration, be realistic with a budget. Calculate how much you and your fiancé can save and what your parents can contribute. Remember a wedding is really just a big party, so stick within your budget. Saving up for a new home to start your life together, or taking an epic honeymoon are worth skipping the crystal encrusted cocktail napkins.

    5. Look for a venue.

    Once you have a venue, everything seems to fall into place. You can set a date, choose a theme related to the venue, and pick colors that work well with the atmosphere. If you're lucky enough to have a dream location chosen from childhood, then great job. If not, don't worry. Look around at plenty of locations and think outside of the box like museums, parks, and even here at the Isle Casino® Waterloo.

    Visit venues while considering price, what's included (food, tables, linens, etc.), and with a few ideal dates in mind. This information will help you narrow down your choices to the best venue. Oftentimes the venue that accommodates everything makes for the most stress-free choice. For example at the Isle®, we can host anywhere from 40-200 guests with a full service reception area, plenty of food options, and custom made cakes.

    Above all else, enjoy your engagement! Remember you're planning a celebration to mark the beginning of you and your fiancé's lives together, do it with love and happiness.

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