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    10 Fun Facts About the Chevrolet Camaro®

    Think you know the classic, beloved Chevrolet Camaro®? Check your knowledge with these ten facts.

    1. It was almost known as the Panther.
    Over 2,000 names were considered before the car's release in 1966. Press were sure the name chosen would be the Chevrolet® Panther.

    2. It was also almost a station wagon.
    Three months before being introduced, GM® released a photo of a Camaro® station wagon. We're glad they adapted the car into a sleeker coupe version. If the station wagon had stayed, we wonder how many people would take part in a Camaro® giveaway. Although, the station wagon model did make a comeback in the 1970s for a few years.

    3. It was an official racing car.
    The international Race of Champions, a race that pits drivers against other drivers in the same cars, used only Camaro®s from 1975 to 1989. Speaking of races, since 2004 only Camaro®s and Corvette®s have placed in the Indianapolis 500.

    4. Weight plays a major role.
    Engineers are very cognizant of the Camaro®'s weight. For the fifth-generation Z/28, engineers shaved off 0.3 millimeters from the rear window, used less foam padding in the back seat, and got rid of the A/C. All for a lighter car. Who's driving this lightweight car? The Dubai police are satisfied Z/28 owners.

    5. Camaro® lovers want the 1969 COPO Camaro.®
    Chevrolet®'s 427 cid engine wasn't listed on order sheets and wasn't included in any official packages. To order it, a buyer had to know someone at GM.® The Central Office Production Order (COPO) doubled the cost of the car. Today, it's highly sought after, and likely won't appear at any Camaro® giveaway.

    6. It means nothing.
    Some say the name Camaro® comes from French slang meaning camaraderie, but that's been disputed. In essence the name Camaro® means nothing, well, except sleek, well-built driving machine.

    7. The newest Camaro® features functional details.
    The circular central air outlets of the HVAC system allows users to adjust the temperature by turning the outer ring, eliminating excess buttons. While on the new Camaro® SS model the vents on the aluminum hood relieve excess air in the engine, helping to keep it cool.

    8. It once sold out in three minutes.
    In 2011 Neiman Marcus® joined Chevrolet® to build a special edition Camaro® complete with a Bordeaux exterior and ghost stripes. It cost $75,000 and sold out in three minutes.

    9. Camaro®s cost a pretty penny.
    It's no surprise a brand new car can cost a lot, which is why entering a Camaro® giveaway helps your chances of saving loads of cash. Back when it was introduced in 1967 you could buy a Camaro® for $2,466. Accounting for inflation that equals about $17,783 in 2016. The 2017 Camaro® is on sale for about $25,905, that's without any upgrades.

    10. They keep improving.
    The engineers at Chevrolet® are constantly improving the vehicles' performance and functionality. Back in 1967 the Camaro®'s standard 6 engine produced 140 horsepower. The current model's V6 produces 323 horsepower. Also, the 2015 Camaro® ZL1 produces 580 horsepower.

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